Video Production

Our team works with clients to create strategic show ideas based on their talents & interests. Clients are labeled as executive producers of their new shows with equity in the project. Our team develops & sells the ideas to network partners. We supervise all coordination, talent sourcing, & management of productions.


Through strategic partnerships, we provide a full service e-commerce offering for our clients. Design, sourcing, production, printing, fulfillment, marketing, & customer service are managed by CourtSide Media. Custom products & apparel are designed uniquely to the client’s brand & vision. Management of the store website alongside the marketing & advertisement of the products is distributed through the client’s social media channels as well as digital marketing outlets.

Social Media Management

Our social media expertise further enhances our clients’ social media channels. With a strategic plan, client’s brand pillars are used to push out daily content to grow their audience and engagement. The latest latest technology & trends is utilized to implement successful social media strategies that exceed our clients’ needs.

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